Organic Buckwheat & Lavender Eye Pillow


This EYE PILLOW\HEAT PACK\ COOL PACK \ TRAVEL PILLOW is made 100% cotton and cotton flannel.


The measurements of the pillow approximately: 11"x5"

Eye Pillow Use: simply close your tired eyes and place the pillow over your eyes the soothing smell of the lavender will relax you and the coolness of the cotton fabric relaxes your eyelids.

Cold Pack Use: place in freezer 15 minutes.

Heat Pack Use: warm 1 minute in microwave (be careful as depending on your microwave you can potentially burn the buckwheat. I prefer to place mine in a sunny window or outside in the sun to warm)

Travel Pillow Use: great for supporting your neck on car rides, air plane, etc. and small enough to fit in your travel bag.

The measurements of the pillow approximately: 11"x5"and made from cotton and cotton flannel 


Handmade in MONTANA